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I am Shannon the fonder of this small home-based business. I started making phone case stickers for myself. And then started making also for my family member, friends, and people in the neighborhood.

This becomes my favorite and only hobby. Since most of my neighbors will then return back to me again with new requests. It was always something like: “my friend likes my case, will you please make one for her? her birthday is on Monday”.

You know this kind of stuff. Where you make something for one person then he brings 10 more.

I started getting too many orders that I couldn’t fulfill with the deadline. Then my mother started helping me cope with the situation.

At that time we were running it both of us successfully until more and more others start coming in. we freaked out and we then hired our first employee. John is a single father living close to our home.

Now we are happy to have growth and still make these stickers with the same love of helping others that drive me here. Now that we have too many big fans. We had to make some great partnerships with great results: that is to serve you cheaper than before.

Moreover, I hope you too will find some love in our cute sticker.

Thanks Faithfully


What is the Shannon Sticker Shop for?

Shannon sticker started with the vision of bringing creativity and sweetness to the products it sells. Because we are obsessed with all things stickers and want to bring color and creativity to everyone around us, we aim to bring the coolest, most innovative, and clever gadgets for phone cases to the market.

We aim to offer the newest and most exciting stickers pack in our store to share joy with anyone who wants to add originality and fun to their everyday life!

We offer a wide range of cute designs and fashion case stickers. Most of those items we sell are in trend.

And moreover, Shannon Sticker, we stand for cute stickers.

Is it safe to buy from us?

Yes, it is! We accept secure credit card payments through PayPal. We keep all your personal information safe and never disclose it to any third parties. We believe in a friendly, personal and efficient approach to customer service.

If you contact us, you will speak directly to one of our employees, no automated responses! If you’re still not sure, you can find our online reviews.

Our team works day and night to add the most unique and exciting products to our extensive catalog. We strive to make these products affordable for everyone and offer FREE shipping! Our team would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks faithfully!!

The Shannon Sticker Team

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Shannon Sticker treasure