If you have been in looking for cell phone cases in a mobile shop, you know that it is something that is usually too popular. Everyone has the same phone cover.

No matter where you buy yours, you will probably know many people in your school or your neighborhood who do have the same model. To stand out of the crow with a unique design it is sometimes too costly to buy one made only for you. And more that you won’t receive it on time.

So if you are looking for ways to beautify your cell phone case by yourself, you come to the right place. Keep reading on. In this short and brief tutorial, I will give you a step-by-step guide to successfully decorate your cell phone case yourself in just a few lines.

 iPhone cell phone - Shannon Sticker
iPhone cell phone – Shannon Sticker

Why you should have your self-made cell phone?

First of all, even though we are leaving in this world together, each of us is different, why would you use the same phone case that others? So you are different so should you use a different phone case.

It shows that you are serious about yourself and moreover give a signal to people around you that you like better thing. It a not a good thing but a better thing. Why are you aiming to be medium?

You cannot be an average person, you are exceptional. So keep looking for ways to get always the best for you. Let me guide you and show you how to make your own customized cell phone case by putting awesome design.

Phone case plan Shelves - Shannon Sticker
Phone case plan Shelves – Shannon Sticker

How to decorate a cell phone case with sticker?

1- You will need to purchase a simple phone case that matches your phone. A clear case is best, but you can also use a colored case depending on the design you choose. If you have a case, please choose a designed one that suits you best.

2- Put some color on your plain case, a bright color will do the job well. Buy also fabric paint or paints at an art supply store near. Use it to paint a pattern on the outside of the box. Allow the paint to dry completely before applying it to the phone.

Make some dots, spirals, fish heads, or chevrons those are good design ideas. You can also check on pinterest.com to get some cool designs.

Cute iPhone case - Shannon Sticker
Cute iPhone case – Shannon Sticker

3- Then you can wrap the lace with translucent fabric. And design the front of the phone cover on top of the lace. Cut the lace and glue it to the inside of the case.

Press the lace into the glue and apply another piece of decorative glue. Let the glue dry, then cut the camera hole with a very small knife or a blade. Make sure the glue is clean and shiny. You can also add a layer of fabric on top for a layered effect.

4- Once again wrap the washi tape around the color box. Choose a plain box of your favorite color. Purchase washi tape in the same color or a pattern of your choice. Wrap the ribbon around the box, including the sides. Make sure there is a small gap between each tape so that the color of the box can be seen.

Cut the holes for the plugs, speakers, and camera with a hobby knife. Look for solid ribbons sold in the scrapbooking section of craft stores. Maybe you can use a chevron pattern to make it more interesting.

 On and Off Phone - Shannon Sticker
On and Off Phone – Shannon Sticker

5- Then use a drape and décor the ribbon over a clear envelope for a perfect finish. Glue a strip of washi tape to the back of the box. Make sure the edges and ends are aligned and neat. Turn the phone upside down and cut off the excess tape at the edges. Cut an opening for the camera.

Finally, apply clear, glossy cosmetic glue to the outside of the case, including the sides. The tape can be applied horizontally or vertically. We recommend do not cover the sides of the case.

6- Then place the paper inside the clear phone case. Draw the phone cover on the paper and cut it out. Apply clear decorating glue to the inside of the phone case. Put the design side down and press it onto the glue. Wait until the glue dries, then cut the camera hole with a knife. You can use cotton fabric with a pattern on it.

Pink Phone case - Shannon Sticker
Pink Phone case – Shannon Sticker


Making a cell phone case is something that is not too complicated at all. You just need some motivation and the rest will just flow like a charm. Keep in mind that whatever the output looks like, it is a unique design that nobody else on earth owns. Moreover, it is made by yourself and for yourself. What can we expect more than that? If you have any suggestions about something in this post please shoot us a short and sweet message in the Shannon sticker contact us

Let’s see what you are able to do. I hope this is going to be your next pin on your social media.

Thanks faithfully!!!

The Shannon Sticker Team.

Call me sign - Shannon Sticker
Call me sign – Shannon Sticker