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Buying an ultra-original accessory is always a good idea. But making something unique and stylish is a better idea! With laptops taking up so much of our free time, it doesn’t take long to find fantastic ways to decorate them. Of course, you can find amazing shell designs everywhere in specialty stores or on the web. However, our favorite examples fall into the second category. That’s why in this article we’re going to show you several easy techniques to customize your shell.

Customize your shell with original variations :

  • Cell phone model with printed photos.
  • Colorful phone case sticker pack on BuzzFeed in pink fuchsia glitter.
  • Snap of the fingers tutorial with steps to transform your transparent shell.

Customize your shell in a thousand and one ultra original variations personalize a white shell with dots drawings made in different colors of nail polish in the gallery.

Decoration with printed sooner said than done! We start the journey into the world of creative projects with a super easy tutorial. Materials needed: a transparent silicone she’ll pair of scissors or a cutter printer printed image with favorite design steps: This is a really simple project. All you need to do is find an inspiring photo on the web (look for images or patterns that match the size of your phone). Then, print the photo and with the help of scissors cut it out following the contours. (Don’t forget to create an opening for the camera). Finally, place the cut paper on the inside of the transparent shell, and you’re ready! Fun cell phone model with photo printed with colored sunglasses design easy manual activity to customize your phone, transparent phone shell decorated with a photo printed with digital design colored sunglasses view in gallery.

Glamorous phone in pink fuchsia glitter to be made in a snap.

Feminine accessories with sunglasses and a pink glitter phone case handmade with glue and pink glitter view in the gallery.

Decorating with glitter now we turn our attention to a glamorous transformation. Here is the list of magic tools you need to get: transparent shell, glitter, glossy glue varnish, and brush. How to proceed before starting, protect the working surface with a sheet of white paper. Using the brush, apply a layer of glossy glue varnish on the outside of the shell. Pour the glitter on the glue and let it dry for 1-2 minutes. Repeat the previous steps to get a more pronounced effect. Apply a final layer of glossy glue varnish and let it dry well.

Tutorial with the steps to follow to transform your transparent shell.

Steps to make a personalized phone case stickers pack for feminine, how to put glitter on a transparent silicone shelf view in gallery.
Example of simple and super easy decoration using paste color nail polish example of custom iPhone 7 clear silicone shell decorated in identical dots of pink and pastel green colors view in gallery.

Decorating with nail polish another way to customize the look of your phone is by using nail polish and a transparent shell. How cool is that? You can experiment with various designs with geometric, tribal, ethnic patterns, etc. For a stylish result, alternate two, or three colors at most. If, on the other hand, you are aiming for a more fun and cheerful design, play with several shades. When you are ready with the design, apply a coat of top coat. It is also possible to achieve a matte effect by using a top coat with a matte finish. We make small dots by alternating colorists on how to draw geometric patterns or simple dots on the back of a transparent silicone shell using colored nail polish in the gallery.

Decorating with tape colored tape is a very popular item in the field of crafts. To make this design in vibrant tones, we will need 3 adhesive tapes in pink, and yellow, and striped white and black. As you can see from the tutorial, the technique of realization is quite simple. Just cover the outer surface of a transparent shell with colored tape, alternating shades. In the gallery below, you will find other fantastic ideas with more complex designs. Experiment with tape with varied designs to magnify his laptop easy DIY project to customize iPhone 6 shell with wash tape in pink and yellow colors, how to decorate a laptop with colored tape view in the gallery.

Decoration with dried flowers you are a fan of nature, travel, and flora, you will probably love the following project. To create a floral shell we will use a transparent shell, dried flowers, a little glue, or top coat varnish. Start by arranging the small flowers or leaves on the inside of the transparent silicone shell. To fix, use glue or top coat varnish. Let it dry well. Very nice model for those who love nature and flowers customized shell with dried flowers in yellow and purple colors, how to decorate a laptop with top coat varnish and flowers view in the gallery.

Video with detailed instructions to get the best result. Decorating with embellishments, the art of scrapbooking as well as DIY jewelry making is a popular trend. To make these creations, tiny embellishments with various designs are used. Like these two creative activities, we will also use small figurines to transform a transparent shell. Depending on your tastes and interests, you can choose embellishments with candy, confetti, pearls, crystals, animal figures, etc. In the technique, you apply a layer of glue and then have fun with the colorful little things. Delightful spirit with colorful confetti and candy style embellishments model of customizable phone shell with delicious design with colorful candy shape manual activity embellishment new in gallery.

It takes only 2 easy steps to achieve the fantastic result, step by step to make a personalized phone shell with small decorative figures and with colorful sugar design. Some ideas to make a fun and adorable cover project.

Decorating with recycled CDs.

We all have a collection of discs out of use. So, if you love music, you can try this creative project to give them a new life while transforming your laptop into a very cool object. Materials to get a transparent shell some CDs double-sided tape pair of scissors plaster of Paris.

  • Cut a CD into small pieces.
  • Stick the double-sided tape on the back of your laptop.
  • Start putting the CD pieces on the tape.
  • To fill the holes between the pieces, you can use some plaster from Paris.
  • How to reuse old CDs in a modern and practical way.

Example of custom shells to make step by step using old CDs and plaster of Paris.

  • Video tutorial to make a cute shell, Fashionable shell with animal design fabric.
  • How to make a personalized shell for a girl with panther design fabric and an old shell.
  • How to put a piece of fabric on a shell with glue.