Getting what we want in an online store is a task that is not always easy. Especially when the store does have many items to choose from. It became so confusing that we will probably take what will not please us after a few days.

Moreover, the design offering in those stores is too popular that at the end of the game everyone will probably use the same design. If that is something which had to happen to you many times, know that you are not alone.

Most of us have been already in that situation. And many times it happens to us every single.

iPhone 6 without case - Shannon Sticker
iPhone 6 without case – Shannon Sticker

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own cell phone case from felt covers. If you are looking for something that will be unique and made by yourself. This tutorial is going to help you understand the basics of a self-made phone case.

I- What you need to proper make a unique cell phone case?

Plain Black iPhone - Shannon Sticker
Plain Black iPhone case – Shannon Sticker

There are only a few necessary things that you must get in hand at the beginning. Here is a shortlist of to have before you start rocking the moon.

  • 1 plain phone case
  • 2 pieces of felt
  • 1 printed unique design
  • Sewing kit

II- A Step by step tutorial for homemade phone case in just a few line!

 Girl surprised - Shannon Sticker
Girl surprised – Shannon Sticker

1- That measurement of the already bought case. Then cut the felt in half to a width of about 1inch over the case. If you need a thicker phone cover, you can use two pieces of felt. They can be the same color or opposite colors as well.

2- Now cut two pieces of felt half one 1/2inches larger than the phone. And place the phone on top of the first piece of felt, leaving a 1/4inches margin to make it round. Cut out the felt and use it as a template for the second piece.

Girls pressing phone - Shannon Sticker
Girls pressing phone – Shannon Sticker

3- You want also to place the bracelet between the two pieces of felt. Make sure all edges and corners are aligned. If you are using two different colors of felt for the lining, choose one color for the inside and one for the outside.

4- Place the felt pieces around the phone. Do not sew the top edge, only the bottom edge, and the two side edges. Try to wrap the felt around the handle as tightly as possible. It may be tight at first, but it will loosen up over time.

5- Remove the bracelet and sew the ends together. When sewing, use a large needle as a guide. The amount of seam allowance depends on the thickness of the handle. This can be done either by machine or hand sewing. The difference will be noticed for both types.

 Couple taking selfie - Shannon Sticker
Couple taking selfie – Shannon Sticker

6- Obviously machines will make things finest with hand. If done by hand, use embroidery thread of the opposite color to get the most out of the color difference. On the other, if you are using a sewing machine; you have to sew from the beginning to the end of the stitch.


Now you can cut the stitches in the opposite direction. You should be cutting about 1/8inches as close to the seam as possible. You can use scissors to get a unique look and now you have your own handmade self covers for your cell phone. And it is unique and you made yourself.

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Couple showing cute phone case - Shannon Sticker
Couple showing cute phone case – Shannon Sticker