Finding a unique phone case that will fit your phone with a unique design is almost impossible.

And more than that its cost is usually not affordable for the value we get from those manufacturing cell phone cases. I bet you will be looking for ways that you can get cell phone cases that will be both cheap, unique, and nevertheless homemade.

So you will that you can be proud to be dancing to the beat of your own drum. In this short post, I will be sharing with you an easy and fun way to make your own custom phone case with silicone and some cornstarch. If you are ready to have it, let’s go.

Black iPhone case - Shannon Sticker
Black iPhone case – Shannon Sticker

1- What do you need to make your perfect phone case?

The list is not exhaustive you may need more or less regarding the look and your tech skill. First thing first Hand Glove because it is the most secure way to prevent any malfunction or mistake. So I will put it again the first position on the shortlist.

  • Plastic hand gloves
  • Some foil paper
  • Some wax paper or strong plastic
  • 50 gram of corn or potato starch

2- How to make a silicone case for a cell phone with starch.

1- As I already said early in this tutorial you must use plastic gloves to protect yourself and something ready to throw to protect the work surface. I recommend using Foil. So cover the work surface with foil or wax paper. You can also work on a marble slab or a glass plate.

Love phone wallpaper - Shannon Sticker
Love phone wallpaper – Shannon Sticker

 Also, you will be in a well-ventilated area. Silicone can have a strong odor and will affect your health later. Most of the silicon will do well and the output is simply astonishing.

2- Now you can measure out the cornstarch and transparent silicone. Pour the cornstarch onto a smooth work surface or glass bowl and squeeze the transparent silicone onto it. There is no need to measure out exactly, just more cornstarch than silicone.

Smile  phone case - Shannon Sticker
Smile phone case – Shannon Sticker

Make sure you use transparent silicone. This can be found in hardware stores. It is available in all home depot or Walmart. For a quit not sometimes you will not find cornstarch. Then, don’t go crazy. Just look for potato starch that can be used instead and it is also fine due to the light pink color it gives.

3- And when you miss them together, it is time to add some color to suit your taste. You don’t have to do this, but it’s a great way to add some color to your phone. Otherwise, your phone will look white if you are using cornstarch or a bit pink if you go with potato. Consider dropping a few liquid paint, liquid watercolor, food coloring, or acrylic paint to make your custom design.

4- Knead everything together until the silicone becomes a dough. Knead about 20 times. You will not absorb all of the cornstarch, which is normal. The dough may look crumbly at first – keep kneading

Knead the dough until it forms a smooth disk. You can do this with a wine bottle or even a spray bottle. Keep rolling until you have a disk that is slightly larger than your phone. It should be about 0.32 cm in thickness.

5- Now you can place the phone on the paper. But make sure the screen is facing up and there is an equal amount of dough on each side. Then you need to wrap the pastry around the sides and top of the phone. Place a sheet of paint under the pastry, lift it up, and fold the pastry over the edge of the phone. Then you should remove all creases and maintain them as clean as possible.

6- If necessary, use a stamp to print the design. Turn the phone inside out and sprinkle it with cornstarch. Use the stamp to draw a design on it. You can also use cardboard cutouts to create your own unique design.

When you are finished, remove the stamp. To create the quilted design, allow the silicone to dry for 1hour and then sprinkle with cornstarch. Use a knife to draw diagonal lines that intersect to create a diamond or any figure you may like.

7- Allow the silicone to dry before removing it. The time required depends on the type of silicone used and weather conditions. This can take up to two hours or up to 24 hours.

Light-colored phone case - Shannon Sticker
Light-colored phone case – Shannon Sticker

Once it has dried and hardened you don’t need to take it out remove it from your phone. If there is dust on the cover, wipe it off with a damp cloth.

8- Cut off the excess silicone from the front. Cut about 7 mm from the side edges and 1 cm from the top and bottom edges. You can also cut notches in the seam between the screen and the phone case. Cut out all the notches.

If you look at your phone case, you will see small indentations caused by the camera, flash, buttons, and connectors. Use a sharp knife to cut each one out. You can also cut a rectangular or trapezoidal section instead of cutting holes in the top/bottom of the speaker.

9- If necessary, sand the cabinet. If necessary, apply more raw silicone and smooth with an ice cream brush or scraper. Also, you may need to paint the raised areas with nail polish. Choose a color that matches your nails. Metallic colors, such as silver, are especially good for decoration!

Why not make some shapes out of silicone, let them dry, paint them with nail polish, and then glue them to the box with a drop of clear silicone.


Making a phone case at home is something you will be tempted to try yourself with your family. You will learn so much that you will want to go sooner for a very big new project such as a pop-it phone case or fidget bracelet. Only you try you fail and you try again, then one day you will be a better version of yourself. You will be performing so fast and so nice that your friend and family will be placing orders to get a costumed case for them. Congratulation on your homemade phone case. For more tutorials check our contact page or browse all our product Phone case sticker pack . We hope you will find what you are looking for.

Thanks faithfully!!

The Shannon Sticker Team