Graduation parties are in full swing are you looking for something unique for your boyfriend to celebrate that big moment in his life? Oh, Canvas has put together a fantastic list of graduation gifts just for him, whether he’s graduating from high school or college! Our carefully selected collection includes personalized bedroom accessories and gifts for his new home. These fun installations will make him the talk of his dorm room and the envy of his friends. Write him a graduation wish and you are sure to have the perfect graduation guest book for your boy that he will cherish for years to come.

If you are looking for the best way to surprise your friends, the top of this list is a graduation guest book for students.

Here are 13 Ideas for graduation gifts for friends.
The theme is smart storage in a small dorm room. His books, phone, tablet and other small electronic devices fit perfectly in this bag that attaches to the bed frame.

1 – Dorm room bedding set

Men don’t always like to shop from their dorm rooms. Consider giving him this set to help him cross many items off his list. This graduation guest book includes bedding, toiletries and linens to make him feel most comfortable in his new home.

2 – Custom Soundwave Printing.

Looking for a romantic graduation gift idea for your boy? Consider this print the perfect surprise for his graduation. Using sound waves, any phrase from a love song can be turned into an image. Wherever he lives – in his new dorm room or even in his future bedroom – this charming print can be hung beautifully on the graduation guest book. Read this article for more on guest books.

3 – Monogrammed bag.

The 1920s was a time of great travel and discovery. This is a unique gift for a friend who happened to be in that period. For the man who loves to travel, this monogrammed bag with brass embellishments is the perfect graduation guest book to put to good use.

4 – Leather travel journal.

This leather travel journal is made of 100% genuine leather and will serve you for years to come. It comes in a variety of colors and designs to match its personality. This unique and practical journal is the perfect graduation gift in which your graduation guest book can record new memories for the next chapter of his life.

5 – Compact Backpack.

Heavy backpacks are a thing of the past. This compact backpack is perfect for going to school or work because it’s small enough to hold all your graduation guest book.

6 – Personalized Dorm Pillow.

This cute dorm room set will impress his friends every time they see it. It is a heartfelt and caring gift that will provide fun, support, and comfort in his new home.
If your teen is going off to college, he’ll need a new coat to keep him dry as he moves around campus for classes. A durable, stylish, and inexpensive coat would make the best graduation guest book for his friend.

7 – Cell phone charger.

Students are constantly on the move—from morning hours to lunch, work, and nightlife. While finding an outlet to charge their phone can be inconvenient, this lightweight portable charger will help them have their phone ready to use 24/7. Thither is a Cornell Handheld Steamer.
Looking for a practical graduation gift for your friend who might want to keep it for a long time? You don’t have to worry about your loved one’s appearance just because they left home for school. This crease remover is perfect for college graduates who have to go through the laundry basket every morning to find clean clothes.

they have to find a new wristband for their wrinkled clothes.
Inspire and encourage young students with this walrus bracelet. It has a special walrus monogram on it that will remind them of it wherever they go. Plus, it will look casual on any given graduation guest book.

Solution and last items: Wooden Charging Station.

With this solid wood charging station, he can keep his dorm room uncluttered. Apple Watch, AirPods and other electronic devices will be safe and handy on this versatile graduation guest book. Better yet, having his name or initials engraved is a creative way to give the gift a higher status.