A wedding is a big event, so it’s easy to worry about the small details. Once you’ve chosen the venue and the dress, you may still be left with questions like “How many pages should our guest list be? And what is the best size for the guest book?” If you are looking for answers to these questions, you have come to the right place because we specialize in guest books! You can find them on our website. Here are some tips for picking the best guest book of the ideal size for your wedding ceremony.

Here are the top 10 of our best wedding guest books. When selecting the size of your guest book, you may need to first determine the size of your guest table. Size is important – a small guestbook on a large table can easily be overlooked by your guests. Contact the venue to find out what options are available, and then think about how you want to approach the decor. A perfect church guest book allows visitors to sign in and leave their thoughts.

Of course, if this all sounds too “type A” for you, just pick the right size. At Luna Paper Co. we make custom guest books for weddings in three sizes: 12×12 inches, 10×8 inches, and 9×6 inches. The larger your wedding, the larger the book you should decide. And vice versa – a smaller, more intimate ceremony requires a smaller guest list. You can read this article about graduation gift ideas,

1 – A 12×12 guest book

This guest book will accommodate 6-8 guests per page (assuming both sides of the paper are used), a 10×8 guest book will accommodate 4-6 guests per page, and a 9×6 guest book will allow 2-4 guests per page to write a message. These are estimates, of course, but they give you a good idea of what you need. If you are between lines, increase rather than decrease, as it is better to have extra space than not enough.

2 – Number of pages in your guestbook

Next, you need to pick the number of pages. You can also use the formula above for this. We offer guest books for weddings with 50 or 100 sheets of paper. The size of your wedding is a determining factor when it comes to the number of pages you should decide for your guest book. If you are planning a small wedding, 100 guest books may seem empty and incomplete if you only have 20 or 30 guests to leave messages for. A retirement guest book can do a lot to any party.

Of course, as mentioned, it’s better to have extra pages that no space at all, so if you’re in doubt, opt for 100 pages instead of 50. If you give your guests disposable cameras or a Polaroid camera on the guest book table, a 100-page guest book is a good place to put photos. Buy acid-free corners or double-sided tape and add your own photos later, or ask your guests to take one or two photos and put them on the page next to your message.

3 – Choose a personalized guest book for your wedding

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4 – Blue light glasses

A pair of computer glasses will be welcome on your sweet boyfriend’s graduation gift list. He should always have them with him so as not to damage his eyes from the harmful effects of blue light at work or at the internship site. If you want to make a killing with your rental properties, you should own a guest book for vacation home so that all your guest can leave their thoughts and feelings inside it.